HI Finest Talent Contest 2024 – Week 1

The 2024 HI 93 Presents Hawaii’s Finest Talent Contest semi-finals is officially underway!

Pacific Media Group’s statewide local music radio stations including HI93 Oahu (KQMQ), HI92 Maui (KLHI), HI95 Kauai (KSRF), and KAPA-FM Hawaii Island collaborated with Hawaii’s Finest on a statewide talent contest to help discover and launch Hawaii’s newest star.

After a fan voting period and a tough selection process, 14 promising contestants from across the islands made it through to the big stage for the semi-finals. But, only one can reign supreme. What’s waiting for them is a grand prize of $1,000 plus a recording session and a performance spot at a future Hawaii’s Finest concert.

Who’s going to take the crown? Over the next several weeks, we’re going to find out.

We kicked off opening night of the HI Finest Talent Contest on Thursday, June 20 at HB Social Club in Honolulu, hosted by HI93’s own Pu’unui. Every week, there will be performances from two contest semifinalists followed by two renowned headliners. For night one, the two contestants were KNG KAI from Manoa Valley and Noah Chee from Honolulu with Kapena and BET as the headliners.

Talent #1: KNG KAI


KNG KAI went up first who performed all original songs. He began with “Something In The Way You Walk,” a fun tune to help get the people grooving. KAI wasted no time getting comfortable on stage as he was moving and dancing throughout his performance.

Then, he slowed it down with “Snooze You Lose.” The Manoa Valley native told fans it was a personal favorite of his – and it showed in his delivery. He capped off his set with “Sunshine Blvd,” a vibrant song that sounds perfect for the summer.

KAI had a strong showing who wowed fans with his soulful voice and comfortable stage presence. Learn more about KNG Kai through the interview we had with him Before the Stage and follow him at @kngkai808 on Instagram.

Talent #2: Noah Chee


Noah Chee was next on deck. He got on stage with only his ukulele and presented a laid-back, acoustic performance. Chee began his set with an original—as a matter of fact, it’s the first song he ever wrote titled “Mystery.” It was a nice and soothing love song, which helped set the tone for his set.

Afterwards, he performed a fun cover of Willie K’s “Katchi Katchi Music Makawao,” which got the crowd going. The final song he played is also an original called “Whatcha Wanna Talk About.” Another great song that helped us get a better idea of his musical songwriting style.

Chee was charming in his performance and it’s hard not to fall in love. Learn more about Noah Chee through the interview we had with him Before the Stage and follow him at @noahcheemusic on Instagram.

Overall Thoughts

KAI and Chee couldn’t be more diametrically opposed—which is a good thing! We got to see two different musical styles. KAI with a more pop/soul vibe while Chee kept it cool with the sweet acoustic ukulele sound. Both also shared original songs, which allowed us to see their songwriting chops.

These two performers really set the bar high for the rest of the HI Finest Talent contestants. So, I hope everyone is ready to bring their A-game.

(This is a slide show)

Be There for Week 2 of the HI Finest Talent Contest

If you missed night one of the HI Finest Talent Contest, you can catch their performances on our socials. You can also come to HB Social Club next week on June 27, when we’ll have two more talents performing: Kalei and MJ Fuata & Ohana. Plus, see special performances from Peni Dean and Keala. Tickets are only $10.

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While You’re There…

Should you decide to go to the next HI Finest Talent Contest show and are in need of some delicious food, you got to try the sushi bake. I don’t have a picture of it (bad Nate!) but imagine a sushi roll but in bowl form, with lots of protein. I promise you. It was da BOMB!

Look for the neon lights that says “HNL Poke Co.” It’s literally right outside Hawaiian Brian’s on your way to the pool table. I’ll be there for night two and I will high-key order that again. This time I’ll get the picture!